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About Us

CME-TV® is a concept that grew out of the competing nature of medicine with other life forces. When most healthcare professionals decided to go into healthcare, they had minimal competing interests. Now they have families, personal interests and job responsibilities. Medicine is changing faster than they can read. Patients are more informed and ask more questions than ever before. The challenges of alternative medicine and access to care have changed the way healthcare providers are viewed. Healthcare providers realize that if they are to stay up to date with and do their best at what they love, then need to facilitate change.

Comprehensive Medical Education Package

  • Educational programming
  • A CME/CEU personal tracking device
  • Environmental health updates in conjunction with such well-recognized healthcare providers as the Center for Disease Control or local medical society experts.
  • Immediate access to CME certificates upon completing the program and post-test requirements
  • A geographically based CME/CEU resource map that details requirements for licensure
  • Ongoing needs assessment evaluations
  • Medical industry product detailing via the exhibit hall feature of our web site
  • Educational programs will be available on an annual subscription basis. Customers will participate in an interactive testing format that qualifies them for mandatory CME and CEU credits on line.

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