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CME-TV, LLC registration is available to you with an annual subscription to CME-TV. Your subscription allows you to view any of the 100 talks that will be up throughout the year and recevieve CME credit for any of those.

To receive 1.0 credit hour in CME CEU credit, you should:

  • View all lectures in this enduring material
  • Complete the posttest (80% constitutes a passing grade
  • Complete and submit the CME registration and evaluation forms
  • CME registration, and the completion of the post-test and the evaluation form reflecting credit hours earned are required for prompt prcessing of your credit certificate
When you have successfully completed these CME requirements, an e-mail message containing a link to your printable Credit Certificate will be sent to you. Your certificate will be accessible through this link at any time during the two weeks following the date of that e-mail. Thereafter you will be required to submit a request for a duplicate certificate by mail with a check covering a certificate-processing fee to the Office of Continuing Medical Education.

If you have any questions about this process, please e-mail the Office of CME-TV at or phone 770-944-1806.

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